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"On a farm in Kansas, there once bloomed a rose"
  (Original) "Wizard of Oz" movie. (1925)

Official State
Motto:   Ad astra per aspera, or "To the stars through difficulties"
Amphibian:   Barred Tiger Salamander
Animal:   American Bison
Bird:   Western Meadowlark
Flower:   Sunflower
Insect:   European Honey Bee
Reptile:   Ornate Box Turtle
Soil:   Harney Silt Loam
Song:   Home on the Range
Tree:   Plains Cottonwood

The Kansas State Flag graphic

State Facts

Statehood:   January 29, 1861
Counties:   105
Size:   82,278 sq. mi.
L. Elev:   679 ft.
H. Elev:   4,041 ft.
A. Elev:   2,000 ft.
Pop:   2,913,123*


NE Neighbors

•    Nebraska
•    Iowa
•    Missouri
••    Colorado
•    Wyoming
•    South Dakota

"In a place called Kansas there are papers that will save us."
  (Original) "Wizard of Oz" movie. (1925)

The Kansas State Flag Graphic

Pop: 2,913,123*

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"Gate City"
"Quiet place above all others upon a stream*"

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Kansas is our neighbor to the direct south of us.  The northern border of Kansas is shared by Nebraska.  The Republican River flows out of Nebraska into Kansas where it helps form the Kansas River that joins the Missouri at Kansas City.  Much of Kansas is farmland.  The industrialized centers manufacture many products.

Kansas City

Kansas City is one of those cities that splits across state lines.  Part of Kansas City is on the Missouri side.  Since the Missouri side gets mentioned more, a fuller description is on the Missouri page.


Great college town.  Great professors come from Lawrence.


Located in the western half, almost to a division by thirds.  Francisco Vásquez de Coronado* visited Liberal in his search for the riches of Quivara.*  A museum there displays collected artifacts of the expedition.


Lyons is located almost in the exact center.  Lyons is important in Midwestern history due to Francisco Vásquez de Coronado's* visit to the area.  A museum there displays collected artifacts of the expedition.

Nicodemus 67625

Nicodemus is located in the northwestern quadrant, and about one-third of the way across the state from the Kansas-Colorado state line.  Nicodemus is the location of the Nicodemus National Historic Site, where many African-Americans settled following the Civil War, as part of the westward expansion. Nicodemus National Park Service Historic Site


Topeka is the capitol of Kansas.


Wichita is in the middle southern half of the state.  McDonnell-Douglas has a large facility there.  Wichita is the largest city in Kansas.


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For more information on Kansas, check out these websites:
Kansas Official State website (800-252-6727)

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