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Banner Ads

If you would like to advertise on the All About Omaha website with a banner, all you need to do is to provide a regular banner (size 468x60) or provide the information so we can create one for you.

Banner ads (468x60) are displayed at the bottom randomly from  the pool of banner ads.  We would like to add your banner ad to the pool.  Banner ads are not limited to sites that pertain to the page the same as the graphic ad links along the side are.

Three rows of banners can appear at the bottom of the page.  The top row is for local arts, entertainment, attractions, etc.  The second row is for state arts, attractions, and entertainment.  The third row is for sponsors or other banners for the area.  All rows will have some banners that are considered public service or patronage banners.

We also have pages for the six surrounding states; the first row will be for state arts, attractions, and entertainment, and the second row will have the Omaha attraction banners. 

We can send you specific pricing information.  Click on the e-mail link below or submit a banner for approval by clicking on the link below.  The link will start your e-mail program so attach the banner to the e-mail.  Include the URL that should be used with the banner and your contact information.


Submit ad for approval (starts your e-mail application)
Ad Criteria
Advertising Intro
Graphic Ads (along the side)


If you don't have a banner ad, we can create one for you.
See examples of banner ads we created.

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