Western Field Meadowlark

NE Neighbors

•    Nebraska
•    Iowa
•    Missouri
•    Kansas
•    Colorado
•    Wyoming
•    South Dakota

NE. Historical Names

   William J. Bryan
   Francis Burt
   John C. Calhoun
   William F. Cody
   John H. Decker
   Stephen Arnold Douglas
   Gen. John C. Frémont
   Mark W. Izard
   Col.  Kearney
   Manuel Lesa
   J. Sterling Morton
   John J. Pershing
   Red Cloud
   Standing Bear
   Gen. Peter A. Sarpy


 Nebraska Historical Forts

   Fort Atkinson
   Fort Cody
   Fort Hartsuff
   Fort Kearny
   Fort Mitchell
   Fort Niobrara
   Fort McPherson
   Fort Omaha
   Fort Robinson
   Fort Sidney


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Restoration/Retouching From most any photo or document
Color Correction Increase decrease color, saturation, hue
Contrast/Brightness Brighten dark photos, restore lost images
Color Distortion Change colors for artistic reasons
Image Distortion Change image content for artistic reasons
Shadow Puppet Art Change image content for artistic reasons
Scanning We can scan!
Custom Labels For VHS, Cassette, CD, Removable Media
Animations Check out the samples.
Banners Check out the samples.
Logos We can do logos.

Restoration and Retouching.

We can restore damaged photographs and documents.  We can adjust color to correct for fading, poor lighting, or other conditions, often to better than the original photograph.  Want to place two people in the same photograph?  Want to remove someone or something from a photograph.  Want to change a hairstyle, smile, or remove skin blemishes?  It can be done.   Example

As a Gift

Present lost images to Friends and Family (Grandparents)

Is there someone in your family that could appreciate having an old photograph restored?  Restorations make wonderful gifts especially when it is thought that the image was damaged forever.  You might be surprised at what can be done.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss this fantastic possibility.  Want to make a collage of pictures of Mother or Father to present at upcoming holidays?   Creating new and different photographs from old can bring a great smile, and sometimes a tear.  They both have their value and are greatly appreciated.  Do you have pictures of all of your husband's cars?  Perhaps he would like to see them all in one parking lot.  Surprise him.  Want to spruce up his Internet browser with a picture of you or anything else for that matter?  It can be done, and reasonably.  The possibilities are endless.   Look at your stacks of photos and the ideas will start flowing.  Contact us as soon as possible to ensure your work is scheduled in ample time for your gift.

Color Correction

If the colors have faded or changed over the years, we can alter the effect to restore the original colors.  This can be caused by poor chemicals or processing when the print was made.  Did you know film is made for different colors of light?  Also if you use outdoor film indoors (under tungsten or fluorescent light), the colors will not appear correctly.  Example.


The colors in a photo may be accurate but the picture was taken under poor lighting conditions or low light.  The opposite is created with a camera setting that overexposes the print.  We can adjust for many brightness conditions.  The contrast is largely due to the type of film used.   Kodalith film (used in graphic arts) has the ultimate in contrast, either the negative is totally black or totally clear, which creates the totally black and white images necessary for printing text (offset printing).  Color films go to the other extreme.  Your prints are made from the negatives but may not represent exactly what is on the negative.  That is because the printing process is automated.  It attempts to give a final print that is "average" in brightness and contrast.  If the print doesn't look like what you wanted, you should ask for a "manual" reprint.  If the negative is not available, then we can very likely make an adjustment for you provided there is enough detail in the image we start from.   Example.

Color Distortion

Change the colors.  We can alter the colors in a variety of ways to create images that could not be captured by the camera.

Image Distortion

Change the image.  We can reshape, move parts, change facial features, add smiles, etc.


We can create graphic files from any image.  You can get your images scanned and delivered in a variety of file formats.  The images can be delivered electronically, or on any removable media such as CD.

Do you have a document that you would like to have in a different size, or different ratio.  How about a land deed from the courthouse, they are usually 14" long and do not fit in your 11" filing system.  We can shrink it to 11" by compressing in one direction only, or by moving the bottom of the first page to a new page, continuing to the end.

Do you want to scan your photos for presentation on the web?  We can scan the image and save it in a compressed format that saves space.  We can also register an image for you to identify your copyright information right in the image.

Don't retype documents!

Do you have documents that you would like published but just don't want to type in all of the information? We can scan your document and convert the text to data as if you had typed it in. Don't retype documents any longer!

Labels - Cassettes - VHS - CDs - Removable Media

Special graphic art design work available.  Do you need labels for cassettes, video tapes, or CDs?  We have the materials, the software, and the expertise to create custom designs to your specifications.


A logo is your corporate image.  When your logo has been established, it can play an important role in letting people know about you.  It must be unique, easily recognized, and protected.  Think about how it will be used.  Will it be printed?  If so, what are the tradeoffs of having a black and white logo.  Think of the black and white panda bear logo of the World Wildlife Fund.  How clever, no need for expensive color inks.  This concern is lessening today as color graphics are readily available to the end user.  Keep in mind, color images are not always represented correctly.  Who will print the image?  Keep color logos simple and with primary colors if possible for this type of usage.  If your logo is for computer display, then the image can be as complicated as you want.  Using sophisticated graphics tools, we can create just about anything.  If you wish to use your logo for publishing on the web, you can help attract attention to the logo by animating it.  Check out a couple examples we have animated here.


Advertising banners are used the web over.  We can get your message across.  Banners can be simple, or have complicated graphics and animation.  Banners come in all sizes depending in where they are displayed.  The most common size is 468x60 pixels.  A lot can be shown in the space.  Check out some of the examples we have here.

Tell me your idea.  We can create logos as black on white images or in full color.

For any issues, please send e-mail.

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