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Not only can you  link to our website, you can add a line of code to display a random Omaha attraction banner.  This will help encourage Omaha websites visitors to visit other Omaha attraction sites.  When visitors visit any of our sites, they will see a banner to another great Omaha attraction site.  To use the script, click in the code area and copy the HTML code below, then paste into the code on your site.  Make sure you place the code at the bottom of your page.  That way, the banner is there but it isn't in anyone's face.  

Code listing:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.allaboutomaha.com/js/omaha_attraction_468x60.js">
This will display a random Omaha attraction banner on your page and provide an easy link to the website.  

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Link to us square graphic info (150x150)
Link to us banner info (468x60)

If you are not already aware, the pages on your website have underlying code that is not normally seen by end-users.  This is where our code must be inserted.  If you did not develop your website, you might wish to have the developer perform this operation.  Placing the HTML code in a page on your site is very easy however.  You do need to be familiar with the actual HTML on the page you wish to insert into.  Use a text editor such as NotePad or an HTML editor.  You can use a WYSIWYG editor in the actual HTML mode.  The code only works if it is in the actual HTML code on your page.  When you are finished, view the page in a browser.  You should be able to see the banner as shown above.  When you move the mouse pointer over the graphic, the pointer should change to the cursor you have for links.  Normally, this is a small hand symbol.  Try the link out by clicking on it.  If you get to our website, you have installed the code correctly.

Put your hand in the air!

If you use a WYSIWYG editor, this is an easy way to place the code in the correct location.  First, locate the method of viewing the actual HTML source  While viewing this page in your browser, highlight the code above.  Choose Edit Copy from the pulldown menus or press Ctrl+C to copy the text into the clipboard.  Next, switch back to the WYSIWYG editor, and choose where you would like to place the link in your page.  In WYSIWYG mode ("Normal" mode), enter a string of Xs like this: XXXXXXXXX.  Now highlight the string of Xs.  Choose HTML mode (View HTML) and the string of Xs may already be highlighted; Some WYSIWYG editors place the cursor near the area selected in "Normal" mode.  If not, the string of Xs will be easier to locate from the rest of the code.  Highlight the string of Xs (in html mode) and replace with the code from above using either the Edit | Paste or Ctrl+v keys.

Make sure the code is correct and current.  If you need further assistance, please contact us.  We can preview the page, make suggestions, and talk you through it.

You agree to the Link Terms and Conditions regarding use of this link if you display it on your website.  

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