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State Facts
Territory: 1861
State: 38th
Admit: 1876
Pop: 5,607,154*


NE Neighbors

    South Dakota

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46th Annual Denver March Pow Wow
(Fourth Weekend in March)
Canceled: (Due to COVID-19 Pandemic)
Fri, Sat, Sun
March 27-29, 2020

Denver Coliseum
4600 Humboldt Street
Denver, CO 80216

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Rural American Initiatives/Whitney Rencountre at 605-391-2034


28th Annual Spring NCIPA Pow Wow & Indian Art Market
(1st Weekend of May)
Saturday, Sunday
May 2-3, 2020
(in 27 days)

Northside Aztlan Community Center
112 E. Willow Street
Ft. Collins, CO

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Student Services at 701-777-4291
Student Services at 605-677-3167
General at 605-677-6875
Phone: 970-221-6256

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Colorado is Nebraska's neighbor to the southwest.  It is a favorite getaway for skiing during the winter months, and outdoor activities such as hiking during the summer months, popular with people that love the smell of fresh organic oxygen.

Colorado neighbors...

Denver  (Pop: 491,396) Back to the top of this page.

Denver is without a doubt the most popular destination in Colorado.  From the busy city to the mountains all around, Denver has it all.  Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

The Denver Art Museum (100 W. 14th Avenue Parkway (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)) Should not be missed while in Denver.  303-640-4433

Boulder  (Pop: 76,685)  Back to the top of this page.

The second most popular destination is Boulder.  The Air Force Academy was established in Boulder in 1955 (August 11).  The beautiful mountains surrounding Boulder are breathtaking all year round.  Boulder is certainly an outdoor lover's paradise.

Pueblo (Pop: 101,106)  Back to the top of this page.

Pueblo is located in central Colorado.  Pueblo is named after the Pueblo natives that inhabited the area.  In addition to the impressive scenery, Pueblo has many historic tourist sites to visit.

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For more information on Colorado, check out the Colorado Official State website.

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